Heather Siple's

Constant Motion

We sense time, in part through the ongoing changes in our world, knowing that time has passed by changes in appearances. This body of work tracks changes, as layers of time in a static plane. Shooting 2 to 4 pictures on a single frame, I followed the dance of bees, the munching of a caterpillar, the flight of butterflies and the launching of dandelion seeds to examine how nothing in the world is constant with time.

Begun as a project for the Biggs Museum of American Art, this series has become a perennial joy to continue as warm weather brings constant motion to my surroundings.


Ant's Last Forage

Beezz 2


Butterflies in the Dark

Butterfly Shadows

Butterfly Arch

Butterfly Launch


Butterfly 4

Butterfly 7

Very Hungry Catterpillar

Ladybug, Ladybug

Wishing on a Breeze

Dandelion Duo

Skipper's Dance

Leaning Thistle

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