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Let it Snow! Let it Glow!

As I write today, the yo-yo winter we’ve been having is giving me warm, blue skies and sunshine.  Perfect day for shooting?  Last week I had an even better photo day.  Pea-soup fog over a snowy landscape gave me a … Continue reading

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Peep-Hole Lenses, Part 2

How does she do that?  To date, I’ve only had one person who could correctly guess at how I make my “Crystal Balls,” so here is the answer in all its detail! My “Crystal Ball” series is created with a … Continue reading

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Pan It!

 It’s dusk.  Your flash doesn’t reach to the subject.  The subject is moving fast.  The camera is shooting at a very slow shutter speed.  You hold the camera steady and the background is clear, but your subject is a blurry … Continue reading

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And Now For the Next Trick

Here’s the newest camera gadget to come down the pike and what an invention!  It allows you to change the focus AFTER you take the picture! http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/22/technology/22camera.html?_r=1&hp I played around with their web site and it is interesting to see … Continue reading

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Why I love Point-and-Shoots Part 2

Point-and-shoots make terrific learning tools.  When I was a kid, my father, an amateur photographer, taught me all the essentials of photographic composition with a Kmart 110.  I took it everywhere and took pictures of anything I saw.  After each … Continue reading

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Why I Love Point-and-Shoots Part 1

It may seem odd to those who’ve seen me working on projects intended for public display, wielding cameras with big lenses, hooded flash, hand-held light meter and all the fancy works, but when I’m doing my family pictures I’m as … Continue reading

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It’s not the camera. It’s what you do with it!

Many’s the time I’ve had someone ask what kind of camera I use.  The short answer is, “Several.”  I have acquired a number of cameras for different needs over the years, which I choose to use based on how much … Continue reading

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