Another Mind-Bender

Sorting through old files again today, looking for jus the right thing. This one wasn’t it, but hey, it was fun.  One of the great things about negatives and prints is that if you lie them flat on the table, you don’t always know which end is up.  In this case, I knew, but I was amazed at the optic illusion created when I turned it upside-down!


pillows of snow, inverted

... become sharp, pointy objects when viewed upside-down!

Pillows of snow

Soft pillows of snow shadowed by nearby trees...

About heather

A third-generation, informally trained photographer, Heather Siple has been taking pictures since she was old enough to hold a point-and-shoot steady. Her work has appeared across the US and internationally in museums, galleries and publications. Siple is the founder of the photo group ArtLane PCG .
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