Blast from the Past

I was sifting through my archives today, looking for the origins of my Orb series for a talk I am giving. I dug back to the year 2000, where my experiments became sparse amongst my medium-format negatives. Going back just a little further, I found three tiny, circular images on 35mm film. Ah! I didn’t remember using my peephole lens with the smaller camera, but this must be it! I put the film on my scanner and said, “What the heck?” This didn’t look like any Orb I’d done before. It was textured on the surface with something wildly abstract. I thought and stared for a few minutes and then I remembered. The sphere wasn’t the product of a lens attachment. It was a soap bubble I photographed on a piece of black velvet.  I’d never printed it because it never fit with anything else, until I totally forgot about it. So, here it is.



About heather

A third-generation, informally trained photographer, Heather Siple has been taking pictures since she was old enough to hold a point-and-shoot steady. Her work has appeared across the US and internationally in museums, galleries and publications. Siple is the founder of the photo group ArtLane PCG .
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