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Still Loving Grass Stain!

Success! After a week in a sunny drive way and a couple days in a window while it snowed, my first few anthotype test prints are faded enough to declare finished. For all of these prints, the juice was brushed … Continue reading

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…It’s making me wait! I went into this anthotype project knowing that it was to be an exercise in patience.  In theory, the dyes that fade the slowest will also last the longest. I have been looking at this under … Continue reading

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Biggs Museum Features Masters Exhibit

Through February 26th, The Biggs Museum of American Art in Dover, Delaware will be exhibiting “Masters 2011,” a showing of Master Artisans from Delaware’s craft guild, Delaware By Hand.  The show includes sculpture, jewelry, paintings, photography (including yours truly!), fiber … Continue reading

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A Pinhole Experiment

While my anthotypes bleach in the sun, I am reminded of another experiment I did some years ago.  I had had my crystal ball photos compared to pinhole images so often I decided to try a pinhole camera just for laughs. Pinhole … Continue reading

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Gotta Love Grass Stain

How many times have you stained your clothes as a kid, rolling in the grass?  How about spilling wine down the front of your shirt?  Or some berry pie? Would you ever think they could be used to make photographic … Continue reading

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Anticipating the Moment

Whether you are taking pictures of sporting events, family celebrations or on assignment, you find that often times actions happen so fast you can’t get the camera swung around fast enough to catch it — if you aren’t prepared. You … Continue reading

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