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A third-generation, informally trained photographer, Heather Siple has been taking pictures since she was old enough to hold a point-and-shoot steady. Her work has appeared across the US and internationally in museums, galleries and publications. Siple is the founder of the photo group ArtLane PCG .

Another Mind-Bender

Sorting through old files again today, looking for jus the right thing. This one wasn’t it, but hey, it was fun.  One of the great things about negatives and prints is that if you lie them flat on the table, … Continue reading

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Blast from the Past

I was sifting through my archives today, looking for the origins of my Orb series for a talk I am giving. I dug back to the year 2000, where my experiments became sparse amongst my medium-format negatives. Going back just … Continue reading

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When You’re Not With the One You Love…

The other weekend was one of those occasions that called for the tough, all-purpose toy that can get wet, sandy, salty, muddy or possibly dropped on the ground unceremoniously in a backpack. It was not a good time for an … Continue reading

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Little Blue Buckets of Joy

I was working as a roving photographer at a school Field Day this morning. All around me were tots giggling, jumping and getting wet. I walked past the kiddie pool where they were keeping their supply of wet. The kids … Continue reading

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Practicing My Craft Every Day

There is, here in my home state of Delaware and in many other places, an annual event called “Fun-A-Day.” The idea is simple: set yourself a project and add to it one piece every day for a month. It could … Continue reading

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Inspiration Close to Home

The weather here in the Northeast USA has been bleak to say the least these past few months.  I write this while snowbound in a county that gave up the night before and just said, “Nope, not going to even … Continue reading

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Thank You, Mr. Dad

Dear fair-going Father and Daughter, You really warmed my heart today, knowing that you understood why I was out at the fair myself today.  You came into my tent and took a good, long look.  Daughter asked politely if she … Continue reading

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Old-School Editing

In the age of Photoshop, it is not an uncommon thing to doubt any picture that presents itself. It seems to take so little to change something.  But, while it might not be as instantaneous, just about anything one can … Continue reading

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Lumen Prints – Easy, Quick and Colorful!

Every year or so I try out a new photo process or technique.  It keeps me from getting into a rut, even if I don’t use it long-term.  It often stems from my continual search for new ways to spark … Continue reading

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STEM in Art Class

I came across a very interesting post today by Valerie Strauss at the Washington Post citing many of the benefits of art classes.  She talks about creativity, focus, collaboration, taking criticism, and other very general skills that can be carried … Continue reading

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